I hope my art makes you smile!

I discovered art journaling in 2014 and love working with paper, acrylic, pen, watercolor, stamps, stencils, water on canvas. I enjoy the versatility, ease and absence of rigidity that mixed media brings. Each piece contains layers upon layers of color and texture.  

Since then, I transferred my journaling onto canvas and on top of the many layers, I love to paint birds, sheep, elephants, flowers and quirky girls.

My motivation: It makes me feel at peace

My inspiration: color and other mixed media artists like Ivy Newport, Laly Mille, Karen Campbell, and Tracy Verdugo

My process: anything goes

Story Girls: I just happened accidentally on creating a girl. I was taking an online course by Christy Tomlinson called SHE ART and learned to add a "girl" on a very layered background.  Based on that technique, I started created my own girls and found that each girl had it's own unique story. I would add elements to her and little sayings to embellish the story.